High Quality Artificial Turf

When choosing artificial turf to have installed in your home, keep in mind that it is important to not choose low quality turf products.  While they may be more appealing with regards to price than a higher-quality versions, you must understand that this is not like carpeting where you will only notice wearing at the surface.  The wear that happens with regards to artificial turf is actually both below the surface as well as what you can see.  Artificial turf is exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, as well as being walk and run upon on a daily basis.  Most houses that have artificial turf installed find that the area where it is placed becomes a high traffic area.  People and pets are naturally attracted to the soft nature of the artificial grass, and as a result will spend more time there and they will spend in other areas that are not as soft.  This provides greater wear than a typical surface, and ultimately can provide issues if the artificial turf that was used in the process is not high enough quality.  Wear of artificial turf products happens when the backing material stretches and is allowed to provide slippage where it was once a tight.  Slippage can potentially cause ripples in the surface to happen, and can create a significant slip and fall risk.  While soft surface of the artificial turf will provide some benefit if they fall happens.  It is best to avoid it altogether by making sure that the turf will wear it evenly over time.  This means it is going to need both a high level turf products to be used as well as a high quality installation company to be the ones putting it in.  Many companies will attend to do installations and faster time frames by skimping on the staking which will hold the artificial grass to the ground.  Once again this potentially cause is slippage issues and stretching over time that can create problems.

The higher quality artificial turf products are made with the backing material that is designed to withstand stretching far longer than the cheaper materials.  In addition, the blades of grass are made with that are materials that will not fade or melt over time, and they are adhered to the backing material with glues or someone on with materials that are far superior to others that are used.  All of this makes four and more expensive products, but one that will wear for better over time and provide less problems.  If the installation company uses a quality weed barrier as well as a cushioning material, you will find that the grass will feel far more realistic that no backing cushioning materials are used.  The real difference between a high quality installation and a low quality installation is the time it takes to perform the job.  It is important to contact the highest quality installation company in your area so as to avoid the product wearing out in less time than is expected.

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