Green Grass In Socal

Green Grass In Socal

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Orange County has always been known for its lush landscapes, probably because the weather is absolutely perfect for more on almost any kind of plant.  The temperatures maintaining a median of about 80° all year long, and there are not significant shifts into hot or cold temperatures that will typically kill off most plants.  This is why we can rule of tropical and desert type of plants in our area.  In order to maintain the type of one and landscape that you are looking for, all you need to do is to seek out the types of plants that you are looking for and plant them.  Run artificial types of watering systems to those plants and put it on the timer, and you are typically good to go.  Unfortunately, when the weather patterns become severe we are faced with modifying the way that we must do things, and this can many times result in the plants not doing so well.  Unfortunately, when the drought conditions happen as a result of severe weather, the exact opposite of what typical plants need goes into effect.  In a time when heat is stressing out the plants themselves, you are restricted in the amount of water that you can give them.  This means that the time when you need to get extra water to the plants is the time you can actually only give a small portion of the water that they need legally.  Wraps you would consider just paying the fines it will be imposed during drought conditions when you ignore the recommendations, but during severe drought systems you can actually have your water completely shut off by the city if you do not comply.  This means that very few people are going to be able to sustain a good looking lawn during the hot summer, and it appears that the 2021 summer is going to be exactly that.  For this reason, it is a good idea to begin preparing for the repairs to you are going to need to do your lawn at the end of the summer, because your lawn will probably get brown and dry as a result of the watering restrictions.


Have you considered allocating the money that would be spent words repairing your lawn, and putting it towards a complete installation of a new type of system.  What this means is that you can take the money that you would spend repairing the dead grass and get an artificial turf lawn installed it will never need water again.  The next drought condition that happens will have no impact on you, and you can watch your neighbors lawns turn brown and drywall yours remains completely green.  When it be nice to simply enjoy your lawn instead of worrying about whether or not is going to die?  Take the money that would be spent towards repair and allocate it towards the installation of artificial turf by calling us today to get a free estimate.

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