Grass In The Desert? Maybe Fake Grass!

You look around Orange County areas like Anaheim and it looks like paradise, and for all intents and purposes it is. We have nearly perfect weather here that stays within a range that keeps it warm all year long, without any of the highs and lows that will kill off most plants that are not robust. As a result of the combination of this perfect weather and the advances in modern technology, we have been able to remake our environment for so long that it has begun to seem natural. The fact of the matter is that it is not, and we are sometimes given a wake up call.

Orange County has perfect weather, but not perfect rainfall. What this means is that there is not necessarily enough water going into the reserves to serve the needs of the growing Los Angeles population, and at the same time allow for waste on things like decorative landscaping. In the past, the rainfall and snowfall amounts in the mountains were enough to have plenty of water for everything, but the population has grown so much that the natural levels of rain are only barely keeping up at this point. When nature goes through a drought cycle, we are suddenly faced with potentially not having enough to go around. At that point, we must rethink our choices so as to remain good members of our community. Basically, if it comes down to choosing between human or animal life and your yard, you have to choose human and animal life. If that means that you have to sacrifice your yard and lose some money, so be it. If you will not participate in the conservation programs that save water, then you will be forced to conserve water through legal means. Basically, when a drought situation hits you are no longer allowed to waste water, and unfortunately your lawn is a waste of water.

So what can you do to assure that water is conserved in Orange County? The single best thing that you can do is to remove your grass and replace it with artificial turf. This is because of all the wastes of water on landscaping that occur, your grass is the most wasteful. A single square foot of grass needs almost 50 gallons of water a year in order to stay alive. This is water that could be used for drinking, and instead it is being fed into the ground. During a crisis, we must save water by modifying our actions and allowing your natural grass to die off is going to have to be a sacrifice that you make. You can keep the same look and feel by installing the fake grass which will not need water to maintain it’s look, but the days of the real grass lawn are long gone in Orange County. It is only a matter of time until you have to make the choice, and if your lawn dies this summer because of the drought then maybe it is a sing. Use artificial grass for a better look, to save moneya dn to save water.

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