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It Is Going To Be Hot In Southern California

Is climate change real or not? No matter which side of the debate you are on, one thing is not able to be debated, the average temperature in hot climates.  Each year we have seen the average daily temperature creep a little higher, with records being set year after year over the course of the last decade.  Lets face it, Southern California is getting hotter, and no matter what is causing it there are ways that you can protect yourself and your investments.  We are talking about your lawn and landscaping, and what you can do to keep your property looking good no matter what the temperature is outside.  This is going to be a hot summer, and will probably break records for being the hottest summer on record if it is anything like the last few years.  That means that there is going to be heat issues combined with watering restrictions, and that spells disaster for your landscaping.

So if and when they start reducing the amount of water you are allowed to use to irrigate your landscaping in Anaheim and Orange County, are you going to be prepared or are you going to watch your lawn begin to turn brown and eventually die, reducing your property values and making your house look like an abandoned lot? Let us give you some advice, look into installing artificial turf and desert landscaping into your front and rear yards.  The synthetic lawn products look and feel just like living grass at this point, and gone are the days of “green carpeting” being tacked down in your yard.  The products are so realistic now that you are going to have a difficult time telling that they are not real grass, and the best part is that you will not need to water it ever again.

When the watering restrictions start this summer, lawns are going to get stressed and eventually start to die off, getting thinner and browner until they turn into hay.  The people who end up having their lawns die are going to have their property values reduced until they do something about it, and if that involves installing more sod it will probably just do the same thing next summer, wasting more money.  When you install synthetic grass, we clear your entire yard of existing, living grass and prepare the area with a groundcovering that will not only prevent weeds from growing but will also provide the cushion that used to make artificial turf feel fake when you walked on it.  The thick and beautiful product will be installed over this filler, creating the look and feeling of thick grass no matter how hot it gets.  The grass will never need watering or mowing, never turn brown or fade, and will provide you with years of enjoyment while your neighbors look out over their dead lawns with jealousy.  It is time to stop wasting your money installing plants that the county is going to force you to kill by under watering.  It doesn’t matter how this weather is being generated, it matters what you do about it.

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