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Fake Grass Orange County

All residents of Orange County are familiar with the fact that we are currently in a drought situation.  That means restrictions on when you can wash your car and water your lawn.  The reasons these restrictions are in place is not to irritate you, but instead to keep our drinking water supplies high enough to ensure that the population will not go without clean water to drink.  While nobody wants to see your investment in your landscaping dry up and even die, it is important to realize that it is far more necessary for people to have access to drinking water than it is to see your lawn stay green.

Many people who have grown up on Orange County have never seen it any other way than completely green with manicured lawns on home after home.  This is because there has never been the necessity to conserve water the way there is today, and because most people living in Orange County are well off enough to keep their landscaping trimmed and looking good.  But now that we are in a situation where a single hot summer can literally kill off all of your plants, people are beginning to rethink the necessity of having real grass lawns.  A lawn in Orange County takes approximately 50 gallons of water for a single square foot every year, and on top of paying for all that water you also have to pay for the maintenance to keep it trimmed, either that or spending significant amounts of time doing it yourself.  As people are beginning to rethink their landscaping, they are also realizing that there is a better way, coming in the form of fake grass.

Fake grass is basically plastic blades of grass that are attached to a backing material.  That backing allows water to flow through it, so the installation of fake grass no longer has the pooling effects that it once did.  The grass is installed using a process which first clears the area of any plants or weeds, then levels and shapes the area to the specifications that are being sought after.  A compacted fill material is then spread over the area so as to provide a weed barrier as well as a cushioning effect that will more closely simulate a real lawn.  The fake grass is then staked to the ground using a pattern that will ensure that it stays tight and in place, and avoids the ripples and bagging that older installations had.  By having a professional installation done, you ensure that your product will not only look just like a real lawn, but will keep looking like a real lawn year after year.

Installing fake grass in Orange County makes sense, not just for the saving of thousands of gallons of water that is necessary for our populations to drink, but also by saving time and money for our residents who no longer want to spend their time mowing.  It makes sense to keep a soft and pleasant play area that is beautiful and functional at the same time.

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