Fake Grass In Orange County

Many people move to one of the many Orange County Homes available because of the weather.  Let’s face it that it is nearly perfect weather here almost all of the time.  Because of the combination of sunshine and warmth and the winter months that really don’t get very cold, we can grow plants and flowers here that you can’t grow elsewhere.  In most areas it is nearly impossible to grow fruit trees, and here they grow so well that the county is actually named after them.  So the natural question to someone who is considering putting fake grass into their yard would be “if grass grows so well in Orange County, why would you consider artificial turf?”

There are a few very good reasons to consider installing artificial turf in an Orange County residence.  First and foremost is probably the fact that plants grow really well here as long as they have artificial irrigation systems and do not have to rely on natural water.  Everyone in Orange County who has a lawn also has a sprinkler system installed under it that supplies the water regularly to keep it green and healthy.  Over the course of recent ears, the ongoing drought in Southern California has forced counties to impose watering restrictions on homeowners in order to conserve water for drinking.  This means that even if you can afford to water your lawn you are not legally allowed to do so to the degree where it will remain healthy.  The restrictions will not provide enough water to keep it green, and in the summer months may not even provide enough water to keep it alive.  In this circumstance, you are forced to consider that if you replace your entire lawn with new sod after it gets brown, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will legally be allowed to provide enough water to keep the new sod healthy.  These restrictions will only be lifted once there is enough rainfall to keep the reservoirs full, and even beyond that point there can never be a guarantee that there will be enough rain to not have restrictions happen again.  Fake grass allows you to keep a perfectly green and beautiful lawn without any need for water at all.  There will be savings on water bills every month, and there will never be the necessity to worry about losing your landscaping “investment” due to regulations.

The second reason that so many people are opting for fake grass in Orange County is convenience.  Because artificial grass is not a growing plant, there is no need to continually maintain it with mowing and trimming.  Your weekends can be spent enjoying your lawn instead of caring for it, and you can take the money that you would pay and landscaper and apply it to doing things you would rather do.  Carefree lawns and landscaping fit far better into people’s lifestyles in 2017 than they used to, when people were expected to stay home more often and care for their home.  Today, people have busy lives and would much rather be doing other things.

If you are interested in artificial turf and you live in Orange County, contact us today.

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