Fake Grass Or Real Grass

Fake Grass Or Real Grass

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Just a few years ago it would have been thought that there would be no argument between real grass and fake grass.  Fake grass was only used in situations where real grass would not grow.  The majority of times that you would see fake grass used would be in shady areas where it was difficult to grow a real grass lawn, or potentially indoors where we were attempting to simulate the outdoors while being in an enclosed space.  The popularity of synthetic grass over the years has grown, which is led to the development or more realistic products.  This means that today, fake grass looks and feels the same as real grass, to the point where you will probably not be able to tell much difference between the two.  Most people will identify fake grass as that it looks too good, expecting for real grass lawns that many flaws fake grass does not.  This may seem strange that people would choose the inferior product over something that’s proven itself to be superior, but for many years people resisted artificial turf or the reason of taking pride in creating something themselves that was better looking than their neighbors.  The younger generation of people no longer values this type of mindset, and would rather spend their free time enjoying their lawn instead of working on it.  They also do not enjoy paying the bills associated with keeping it alive, like water or landscaping.  This means that the debate over real grass for fake grass will generally be seen to be drawn on generational lines. Older people like real grass and younger people like fake grass.


If you are attempting to sell your house, you are going to want to make it appealed to the widest group of people possible.  This means that you were going to need to present it  for younger people, because older people tend to buy new houses up for lower rate than younger people do.  In areas where drought conditions have made it difficult to grow a lawn effectively, younger buyers are looking for the convenience and good books of fake grass and not that tedious work that goes into the upkeep of a grass lawn.  Many younger buyers will actually be you a grass lawn as being a detriment, meaning that they will probably offer far less money for your home if you have not upgraded it to an artificial turf lawn yet.  This could work out to be thousands of dollars, and additionally this type of work can be done for relatively inexpensive prices in areas that are prone to drought conditions.  The state and city will many times offer rebates and benefits to the removal of grass and the replacement with water smart landscaping, which artificial turf fits into.  This means that you can upgrade your home and present it to a younger generation of buyers while still getting the credits and discounts that are available to those doing the upgrades.

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