Fake Grass Is Better Than Real Grass

Have you been considering the addition of fake grass to your landscaping, or possibly even the total removal of your existing grass and the replacing of it with artificial turf? If you are, then you are not alone. Thousands of southern California residents have been making the switch over to artificial turf for the last few years, mostly in response to the ongoing drought conditions. California has drought situations all the time, which always result in the grass you have turning brown and dying. Every time this happens, residents are faced with the dilemma of putting money into the repair and replacement of the grass when it still may be destroyed again the following year, or removing it in order to use a better landscaping material. Simply put, even though the weather in southern California is ideal for growing grass, there just ins’t enough water available all the time to keep it healthy. This means you are continually going to need to repair or replace it, while also putting money into landscaping and mowing when it is healthy. Better alternatives exist, and many home owners are switching to artificial grass in order to get the same look without the issues.

Removing problematic landscaping for better choices is going to give you a few options. You can install desert landscaping which is generally made up of rock and desert plants that need little to no water to survive. Although southern California may not appear to be a desert climate, it actually is more like one than most other areas of the country.  Without artificial sources of water most our landscaping plants would die off, so looking into the options that more closely resemble the look of our natural environment makes sense. If you are not a fan of desert landscaping, you can also experiment with pavers, concrete, retaining walls and lighting, and other forms of beautification. For those who cannot see a space without grass, artificial turf creates the same look and feel without it being a living plant. It is actually made out of extruded plastic that is formed to look and feel just like real blades of grass, and it is adhered to a backing material that will let water pass through it like natural grass does. If it is installed and staked down by a professional company, most people cannot tell the difference. In most cases the tipoff that it is fake grass is that is actually looks so much better than all the lawns around it!

Installing artificial turf will also save you time and money over the years. Lets face it, nobody wants to spend their free time mowing the lawn. If you can afford it, then you pay someone else to do it for you, and if you cannot afford it then you take up your valuable time to do it. If you ignore the task, then your lawn looks terrible. Fake grass allows you to never do this again, and you can save the moey you pay for landscaping and spend it on better things. In a nutshell, artificial grass is better than real grass, so when are you going to make the switch?

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