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Fake Grass In Anaheim?

fake synthetic turfWhen people move to Anaheim, or most areas in Orange County, they are immediately struck by how lush the area is.  There are farm more plants and more foliage in general than other areas that do not have the continual, temperate weather that we do in southern California.  The weather is perfect for growing palm trees, flowers and grasses, unless there is not enough rain to keep the reserves of water plentiful for everyone.  If there is a drought situation like their currently is, then suddenly we become aware of exactly how reliant upon irrigation our plants are.  The majority of our landscaping could not survive on it’s own without continual irrigation from sprinklers and drip systems, and if we had to shut off that irrigation then those plants are forced to rely upon the natural levels of rainfall to sustain themselves.  Unfortunately, when the cities and counties enact watering restrictions in order to counterbalance the drought and assure our citizens that there will be enough water for them to drink, our landscaping suffers.  Our plants will become thirsty and dry, and then eventually die if we do not get enough rainfall to sustain them in addition to the periodic watering that we are allowed to do by the city regulations.  Many of the once-green and lush lawns that we saw in Anaheim a few years ago have become brown and unhealthy looking.  Others have suddenly become perfectly green and manicured, but how did that happen if there is a watering restriction preventing grass lawns from being healthy? The answer comes in the form of fake grass.

Anaheim is a unique area, where residents come in order to lead a specific type of lifestyle.  Our residents enjoy their leisure time, and choose in many cases to pay landscapers instead of caring for their lawns themselves.  Because of the desire to enjoy your yard space instead of working on it is so prevalent in our area, you will notice that many people hire companies to do the work for them, sometimes costing 100, 200 or more dollars per month.  When combined with the water bills that are associated with keeping the plants and lawn healthy, these expenses are significant.  Many homeowners have decided that it is far wiser due to the watering restrictions to remove their sod and install synthetic turf instead.  This change allows them to not only enjoy their lawn instead of working on it, but also to save them money every month due to the need for landscaping being eliminated along with the watering charges.  No matter how hot and dry it gets, these smart residents get to look out on a lush and green lawn of grass that is so realistic that you would be hard-pressed to realize that it is synthetic.  The products used in artificial turf installations today are far superior to those in the past, and no longer get that dull look over time.  They also do not have the issues that fake grass did in the past with water pooling, pet urine odors and burning, or other issues that made synthetic turf look unnatural.  We are so confident that you will be delighted with your choice to install fake grass that we will guarantee our installation for ten years! Call us today and learn more about the smart choice for Anaheim, synthetic turf.

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