Eco-turf is another way of describing synthetic grass.  It is one of the choices that is being made amongst people in Southern California who are conscious of the environment and want to make a difference in a way that will protect living things in our region.  Even though it might seem like it is farfetched, water is actually at a premium in our area.  It might be more scarce in areas like Nevada, but it is also scarce in southern California as well.  We think that just because you turn on the tap and water comes out that it is not potentially running out across our region.  This misconception can lead to dangerous waste of water on things that we do not need for our survival, and might come at the expense of living things.  If we choose to allocate water that is needed for people to drink ports the watering and feeding of decorative landscaping plants, we are hurting our own community that in a way that is almost criminal.  Whenever watering restrictions are imposed by the government, we all must do our part to pitch in and save.  This very well might mean allowing your decorative landscaping to die off, but this bitter pill is necessary in order for us to assure that all living things in our area have enough to drink.

If you’re a landscaping has suffered as a result of drought restrictions, it is the time to rethink our choices.  This means that instead of waiting for the drought to be over and then repairing the existing landscaping, we needs to rethink the choice of landscaping altogether.  We need to think about installing landscaping that is more friendly to the natural state of our environment.  We need to rethink our choices of water loving plants that are not designed to produce food or fruit.  We need to rethink our choices and allocate money that would be spent on repairing the water loving landscaping that we had, moving that money into landscaping that makes more sense for this area.  Desert landscaping can be both beautiful and water saving, but if you absolutely must look out your window and see a patch of green, then it is best to have that grass not be utilizing the water that is available for drinking.  It is very much the same thing as wasting food while there are people starving.  While it may not be apparent to you right now, the potential risk of running out of water is something that we must avoid at all costs due to the fact that many people have no other source of water except for the public water supply.  Since we have to pitch in as a community to protect these people who have no other option, it is our responsibility to make sure that the water is not being used for purposes that are not critical to survival.  We must become better stewards of our environment, and artificial turf is one of the best ways to do that.

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