Drought Times And Eco-Smart Landscaping

Drought Times And Eco-Smart Landscaping

Summer is here again and we have to begin thinking about conserving water in Southern California.  Even know places like Anaheim have long been known for their green grass and ability to grow just about any type of fruit or flower, we have to understand that the only reason for this being able to be done used through the use of artificial water supplies.  It simply does not rain enough in Southern California for these kinds of plants to grow naturally.  Because we have the ability through technological advancements to move water from one place to another, we’ve created a landscape it is unnatural but enjoyable.  While there is nothing wrong with using this ability to move water our food production, it is irresponsible for us to use that same technology for things that have no value aside from being aesthetically pleasing.  People utilizing water that is moved in from other areas specifically for the purposes of decorative landscaping are irresponsible during drought times.  If you have created a landscape at your home that is reliant for survival completely upon sprinkler systems and other artificial water sources, you must accept the fact that when water conservation becomes a necessity you should cut off that water waste.  We all need to pitch in so as to conserve water for drinking purposes.  This means that even though your landscaping might be expensive, it cannot take priority over living beings like plants and animals having enough to drink.  A drought means that there is not enough water to go around, and we’re faced with the possibility of not having enough to drink.  In these cases we must allow for the wasteful situations to be shut down until such time as there is enough water to waste again.

If you must see green grass when you look out on your lawn, and cannot accept any other form of eco-friendly landscaping, then maybe this time to look into artificial turf as a potential solution to give you what you want.  This is a plastic product that looks and feels exactly like real grass, only it does not need the artificial water in order to continue to maintain its look.  Because it is a plastic product, it will remain looking exactly the same way over time, never needing any landscaping or maintenance of any kind.  The majority of people who say that they can tell the difference between artificial turf and regular grass are usually looking for the long to look too perfect, and that being the clue that the grass is fake.  If looking too good is the tradeoff, most people are perfectly willing to accept it.  Is the right thing to do to consider installing artificial turf instead of repairing your lawn that will be forced to die off during the watering restrictions.  Instead of putting more money into something that is ultimately harming our environment, isn’t it time for us all to realize that this was a mistake, and to make it better.

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