Do You Prefer Fake Grass To Real Grass?

Do You Prefer Fake Grass To Real Grass?

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One of the biggest debates among homeowners in Southern California is the superiority of fake grass or real grass.  Most homeowners will agree that they enjoy the feeling of having a soft ground covering in their yard, finding that it is much more pleasant than cement were crushed rocks.  For homeowners that prefer to spend time outside in the yard, having the ground covering that is easy on your feet is generally the choice, which means that they are choosing between growing real grass and installing artificial turf.  The purists who want to grow real grass in their yard are usually reminiscing about a different time growing up when they saw their father mowing the lawn at Sunday, and enjoy spending time outside with their family had in cookouts and play time.  In Southern California, we find that the ongoing weather patterns create times when the weather becomes too difficult to work outside, changing the perception of mowing the lawn from something that was a pleasurable activity to something that is more of a chore.  In addition, watching your father mow the lawn may have seemed like he was enjoying himself, but as we all get older we realize that it isn’t fun to work.  Instead, many homeowners realize that they can have the same amount of enjoyment from the yard without having the work that goes into it.  Through the installation of fake grass, you can spend all of your time doing the things that you remember doing with your family as a child, and not even having to take one day of the week to work on the yard to keep it nice.  He would ask your father if he would rather have a maintenance free yard and then, he probably would have told you that he would.

The drawback to fake grass used to be that it looked fake.  It appeared as though it was a strange green carpet that was rolled out over a lumpy surface in the outdoors.  You probably felt the slippage on your feet that made it difficult to run, and you may have even fallen onto a hard surface it seemed like it should have been softer.  All of these issues have been corrected with the advent of the modern artificial turf installation.  The products that we have to choose from today are far more realistic than they used to be, most of the time being completely mistaken for real grass.  The only difference between real grass in fake grass at this point is that fake grass is a synthetic product that is made of plastic instead of being a living plant.  This means that once it is installed it will never grow and not need ever be mowed or watered.  You will be able to spend your time lounging and enjoying a pristine lawn without ever having to do any work whatsoever to keep it looking good.  Which do you prefer, real grass for fake grass?

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