Do Not Buy Cheap Artificial Turf

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It is the natural tendency of many people to look at home improvement projects and believe that they can do it themselves as well as a professional would do it.  This mentality is especially true with regards to labor intensive projects like the installation of artificial turf.  While it may look easy, it is important to reject the temptation to undertake these kinds of projects on your own in order to save a little bit of money.  Main reason behind this is that there are specific methods involved professional installation companies have been trained to utilize.  Deviation from professional installation techniques can not only create that installations visually, they can actually pose a lawsuit risk the same is true for cheap artificial turf, and you may believe that all of the products on the market are of the same quality because they are all made from plastic or nylon.  The highest quality artificial turf products will utilize polyester tire cord as the backing material, but not every company uses a backing material that is as high quality.  Many will save money in the manufacturing process by utilizing plastic or cheaper polyester backing materials, which have a tendency of stretching and giving over time when exposed to ongoing hot weather or high foot traffic.  You must understand that because the artificial turf service that you were installing into your yard space is going to be the natural attractant for both pets and children as well as four people to utilize for lounging and congregating, this service is going to take a significant amount of wear and tear.  If the backing materials are not the highest quality, stretching will occur that will ultimately create loose areas on the surface.  Because people are walking on this area continually, this can pose the trip and fall risk that can open you up to a potential lawsuit.  Avoiding the cheaper versions of artificial turf will not only provide for longer timeframes before it needs to be replaced, but will also hold up to the weather and traffic far better.  More expensive products are also more water permeable, meaning that rain and pet urine to not pool is much on the surface. Providing adequate drainage is going to make your artificial turf service for more enjoyable.

The installation pattern of staking is followed by most professionals, in order to provide the allowable layer of the service without having it extend far enough across to have slippage possibilities.  The service is prepared and a weed barrier is installed.  The cushioning material like a compacted rubber is spread across the region and then compacted against the surface of the ground.  The turf is rolled out and seams between two pieces are joined with an adhesive material.  The turf is staked securely to the ground using specialized stakes and a pattern.  Edges are finished and then rolled so as not come loose, then staked down.  Professional installations have a long life span, and should provide many years of enjoyment for yourself and your family.

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