Desert Landscaping

One of the most beneficial choices that an Orange County homeowner or business owner can make in 2017 is the installation of desert landscaping.  As most residents of southern California are more than aware, we are in a serious drought situation and there has not been enough rainfall and snowfall in mountains to sustain our reserves of water.  As a result of this ongoing issue, cities and towns have imposed watering restrictions on homeowners that reduce the amounts of days and times that you are allowed to water your lawn and plants.  This is done in an effort to collectively use less water on things that are not completely necessary, and as a result of the collective effort we keep more of the precious resource around for the times that really need it.  While this may seem like a lot to ask of homeowners due to the fact that the restrictions do not allow for you to water enough to keep your plants and lawn healthy and looking good during the hot summer months, it is necessary during times of crisis.  Although there have been glimmers of hope that the drought may be coming to an end as there have been increased rainfall amounts over the last month, there is still no guarantee that the drought situation will not return during the summer, bringing us right back to the place we were.  Maybe you were able to get your plants to survive for the last few months, but chances are good that come summer you will be forced to watch your investments dry up and die.

Smart homeowners in Anaheim and Orange County are moving over to desert landscaping in order to conserve water while keeping their yards looking great.  Desert landscaping is the use of water-smart or water-free landscaping features in order to create an environment that looks beautiful while still using little to no water.  Our lawns in southern California are one of the largest usages of water, and only for the reason to keep grass alive for the looks of landscaping.  When a homeowner switches over to desert landscaping, the same type of beauty is created using rock, lighting, pavers, walls and in some cases artificial grass.  Synthetic products do not need watering to survive and look good, and are installed in any area where you would like a grass covering.  This product is synthetic and needs no mowing or care because it is not growing like live grass.  For this reason, a homeowner can install a space that looks just like a living grass yard and never need to pay for landscaping services again.  Best of all, they will also be saving money and water, doing their part to conserve and saving money at the same time.

If you are interested in learning more about the desert landscaping options you have at your disposal, contact our sales people today.  We will provide a free estimate, and we will guarantee that you will love our products for at least ten years.

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