Curb Appeal On A Budget

Curb Appeal On A Budget

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Nobody wants to admit that their home is outdated, and yet this is something that home sellers must face the harsh reality of every day as they put older homes on the market. This is one of the advantages that new home construction has over existing homes for sale in the market, that they are constructed with a different mindset in mind.  What we mean by this is that the younger generation of home buyers, which make up the majority of the population who are in the market today, are looking for certain things that many older homes are not built with.  These types all the amenities are not necessarily only found with regards to technology, although technology does play a large role in what people are looking for.  Things like fully wired smart homes and appliances which can conserve energy are very important to younger buyers.  What we’re talking about is the modernization of specific aspects of the home to fit in line with the attitude that buyers have today which may differ from the way things were in the past.  One of the best examples of this guy’s grass lawns and living landscaping in areas like Southern California and Nevada.


20 years ago it was believed that if you had the money to pay for something that made it all right to do, even if those things had a negative impact on the community.  If you had the ability to pay the water bills associated with lush landscaping in areas that do not naturally grow plants that look like these, it was viewed as a luxury.  Today, these same types elements keeping elements are viewed as petty and irresponsible.  Because there is a conscious effort on the part of the community to conserve water during drought conditions, things like live landscaping which ultimately consume water that could be used for the public is frowned upon.  The younger generation of homebuyers view this as being a strike against a home that they are considering, and will many times pass over a home with landscaping of this type in preference for a home with water smart landscaping or artificial turf.  These synthetic types of products will mimic the look and feel of real grass without using an ounce of water, and when combined with the ideals of conservation and the understanding you will no longer need to work on your lawn in order to keep it looking good, homes that have landscapes created with water conservation in mind are preferential the younger buyers.  Gone are the days when it is considered a badge of honor to spending your weekends mowing and caring for your lawn in order to keep it looking good.  Today’s young people view this as being a waste of time when you can easily install an artificial lawn that looks just as good and does not need the work associated with it.  Curb appeal can now be achieved both cheaply and without the effort that used to be associated with lawn care.  Have you upgraded your home to water smart landscaping yet?

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