California’s Water Restrictions and Desert Landscaping

All homeowners in California have been affected by the drought.  We have seen the water supply drop to all new low levels, and seen a lot of our agriculture industry be severely harmed by the lack of available water necessary to grow the crops that feed the rest of the country.  We have all seen the pictures of once lush landscapes that are now completely barren and without plant life.  Let’s face it, the drought has hit all of us hard and we all need to do our individual part in order to conserve this precious resource.  Many residents want to do something to conserve, but do not know where to begin.  Well for homeowners who have landscaping that needs continual irrigation, one of the best things you can do to help out the crisis is to remove the plants that need water and replace it with desert landscaping.

The term “desert landscaping” or “xeriscaping” is a way to describe a style of landscape installation that makes use of elements that need either no or very low amounts of water.  While some may be under the impression that this means turning your backyard or front yard into a dirt lot, nothing is further from the truth.  Our talented landscape architects are well versed in using elements that are more often found in the desert like rocks and plants that need almost no water, and combining them in a way that will give you an absolutely beautiful landscape.  Through the use of pavers, lighting and even artificial turf if you really need that patch of green grass that you are so used to, we can create a space that is stunning and yet does its part to stay within watering restrictions.  You can have a yard that looks great and even qualifies for rebates on certain things due to the fact that you are helping to conserve water in California.

Artificial turf (commonly known as fake grass) is a synthetic product that is very much like a carpet, only with synthetic blades of grass attached to the base instead of carpet material.  Artificial turf products have come a long way in the last 20 years, and no longer resemble the old fake grass that looked an unnatural color of green and hard.  Today’s synthetic lawns are as lush looking as real grass, and in many cases you would not be able to tell the difference even when you are touching it.  We install it in a way that has a padding of material under it in order to create a cushion, along with a weed barrier in order to block any weeds from growing through.  It is stretched and staked into place so there are no seams or ripples, producing a space that looks like it is covered with grass but without any necessity to water it at all.  It is essentially maintenance-free, and even can be combined with special products that reduce pet-urine smells if you plan of letting your pets play on it.  Artificial turf is the best of both worlds, and will provide many years of beauty for you and our family.  When combined with other desert landscaping elements, you can create a million dollar look that doesn’t cost that much, and has nearly no ongoing water or maintenance necessary.  Contact us today about installing desert landscaping or artificial turf at your home or business.

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