Artificial Turf Is Perfect For California

Southern California is a nearly perfect environment for growing plants.  We have a weather pattern that remains consistent pretty much all year, remaining sunny and in the seventies for most of the time.  The one aspect of weather that we actually do not have access to most of the time is water, which might come as a shock to anyone who lives here.  Anybody can simply turn on their tap or their sprinklers and water comes out, so how could there be a shortage? Unfortunately, we have not had enough rainfall consistently over the past few years to fill the reservoirs enough to provide enough water for people and animals.  This drought situation makes it difficult to grow plants for landscaping because the water must be conserved for people.  Without the ability to legally provide enough water for the plants to thrive, you are faced with a question.  Should you invest in more living plants and grass understanding that there is probably no way that youa re going to be able to keep it alive over the course of the next year, or do you invest in a smarter solution?

Artificial turf is perfect for southern California.  We are used to seeing green grass, and when we look out on our lawn and see it turning brown it does not make us happy.  The ideal solution would be to simply water it more so that it gets the nutrition it needs to survive, but that can get you fined or even get your water shut off.  Because you are going to watch your lawn suffer and probably eventually die, isn’t it time to think about replacing that grass with the artificial turf that will not need a drop of water and yet will look great forever? What is even better is that you do not need to mow it or care for it in the least, because it is plastic it never needs you to take care of it.

Many people think of artificial turf as the old astro-turf from the seventies.  While this is artificial grass, it is far from the products that we have today which we install for our customers.  The artificial turf today is far more realistic, and when installed over a cushioning element it even feels like real grass.  Most people when they walk on it will have no idea that they are actually walking on a plastic product which is staked to the ground.  Because of the installation process and all of the professional elements that go into it, the grass will not be hard and fake feeling like it used to be.  It will not be loose and move around like poorly installed artificial turf does.  Best of all, it will not age and discolor like you might expect.  The materials today are such high quality that we can actually guarantee our installations for years, that you will be happy with them for their lifetime or we will make it right.  Contact us today for a free estimate.

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