Artificial Turf In Orange County

Orange County is one of the best places in the country to live, primarily due to the nearly perfect weather we enjoy.  Because we have ample sunshine and a moderate climate that rarely gets over 100 degrees, it is quite easy to grow nearly any type of plant or flower here, which is why we have such a thriving citrus industry locally.  It is nearly impossible to grow fruit in most climates, but Orange County presents a perfect atmosphere for them to thrive.  Obviously, as long as you are able to provide enough water to the plants, nearly any type can thrive hear, including grass.  As a result of this ability, most people in Orange County have lush lawns and palm trees in their residences, providing an outdoor living area that can be enjoyed year round.  Over the past few years, however, there has been a shift toward removing the existing grass and replacing it with artificial turf, a synthetic product made to look like real grass.  If we have the ability to grow real grass here, why would anyone want to put fake grass in?

The answer to that question has more than a few answers.  First and probably for the biggest reason is that we have ample water in Orange County to water our lawns unless there is a drought situation.  In those times, the city and county governments place watering restrictions on homeowners which will essentially make it so that you cannot water your lawn enough to keep it green.  If you violate the restrictions you can be fined or even have your water shut off.  Unfortunately, for the last few years southern California has been experiencing a severe drought which has caused watering restrictions to be put in place, forcing many homeowners to watch their lawns die and their investments in landscaping be ruined.  Artificial turf is the perfect solution to this issue, keeping your lawn green and lush looking without the necessity of even a drop of water.  Because artificial turf isn’t a living plant, you do not need to feed it to keep it looking great.

Another reason people are switching to artificial turf is that they want low maintenance yards.  Many people are just plain sick of caring for their yards on their days off instead of enjoying them.  If you don’t do the landscaping yourself then you are going to have to pay someone else hundreds of dollars every month to do it for you.  Artificial turf takes care of this problem too.  Because it is made of plastic, it does not ever grow and need trimming.  You will never need to push a mower around on a Sunday again, and instead can sit in your yard and enjoy your life.

Installation of artificial turf in Orange County is becoming more popular because people are realizing that it is a better alternative to real grass that stays perfect and green without water or care.  Smart homeowners are making the switch, so when will you?

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