Artificial Turf In Orange County Makes Sense

While Orange County may have some of the most perfect weather on the planet, with temperatures constantly hovering in the 70s, we do have a rainfall issue every few years.  This means that drought conditions are going to force mandatory conservation of water, which directly impacts our living plants that are outside.  Essentially, even though the weather is perfect for growing just about any kind of plant or grass in your yard, there is not enough natural rainfall for these plants to survive without an irrigation system attached.  We need to continually water the plants and lawn in order to keep the sun from drying them out and killing them, and unfortunately if the county mandate that we cannot provide enough water for this to happen then our lawns will suffer and potentially die.  This happens to varying degrees every few years, and this year is no exception.  The hot summer and inadequate levels of rainfall forced Orange County to impose restrictions that caused residents to lose their lawns.

Instead of replacing the sod in your yard after this summer, have you ever considered installing artificial turf instead? Artificial turf is a synthetic product made of plastic that is formed to look exactly like blades of grass.  It is colored in various shades of green depending on the look and feel you want, and it is attached to a water permeable backing so that it can be rolled out and adhered to the ground.  It is placed over a filling agent that is compacted and then staked through, giving it the soft feel of natural grass instead of feeling like a carpet.  Once it is professionally installed, you will be hard pressed to be able to tell the difference between synthetic grass and real grass.  The major differences have to do with water and care.

An artificial lawn needs no mowing or care because it is not a growing plant.  It will remain in a constant state of looking like a well manicured lawn, and may only need to be blown off every now and then to remove debris that may have settled on it.  Even better than the lack of need for maintenance is the fact that it needs no water in order to look good.  While your neighbors will constantly be struggling with keeping their lawn green even though they cannot legally provide it with enough water to do so, you can simply enjoy your lawn every day knowing that you never have to worry about it dying.  Once you have a care free lawn, you may never want to go back again.

Artificial turf just makes sense in Orange County, because we can never be sure that the next drought isn’t going to undo all of our hard work and investment.  One tretch of hot summer can easily kill off your lawn that you paid so much for and worked so hard to keep beautiful.  If you you would like to find out more about the benefits of synthetic grass, contact us today through our website to arrange for a free consultation.

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