Artificial Turf And Landscape Lighting In Orange County

Few would disagree that Orange County is a wonderful place to live and own property.  The weather is nearly perfect all year long, and as far as property values that are based on community shifts we rarely see the dramatic dips that the rest of the country sees.  So aside from simply living in your home and benefiting from the slowly increasing values of the property that are typical to our area, how can a homeowner increase the value of their home in order to make it potentially more valuable if you want to put it on the market? One of the best answers is through the installation of landscaping elements.  If you really want to increase your property value, however, the latest trend is to install artificial turf with landscape lightning.

The trend towards artificial turf in Orange County started a few years ago as the current drought took hold.  Local communities around Orange County began to enact water conservation measures that made it difficult to keep traditional living grass green and healthy.  The restrictions came as a result of the need to make sure that there is always enough drinking water in reserve, and the only way to do that during times when there is not adequate rainfall to replenish the reservoirs is through restricting the times and amounts that you can use for landscape irrigation.  Unfortunately, your lawn is not considered important when compared to humans having enough water to drink, so even though the restrictions knowingly did not provide enough water to keep your lawn healthy during the summer, it was still necessary.  As a result, homeowners saw their lawns getting brown and looking less manicured.

Homeowners began to experiment with options that would not only conserve water, but also look good.  Artificial turf solved both of these problems while also adding the benefit of being maintenance free.  Since it is not growing grass, there is no need to mow it or pay someone to keep your landscaping trimmed.  The other type of maintenance free landscaping is xeriscaping or desert landscaping, but this is not as well received in Orange County as it is in places like Las Vegas which are more traditionally a desert look.  Because your property is sitting on the same streets as so many other properties with lawns, many residents just cannot accept the desert landscaping look.  This is where the combination of artificial turf and landscape lighting brings so much value to your home.   At night, the decorative lighting will accentuate the beautiful elements of the yard, and during the day the artificial turf will keep that green and luxurious look that you are seeking even during times of water restriction.  The additional elements like pavers, firepits and decorative walls can create a stunning look of an oasis while requiring no water at all.

Orange County residents who are looking for ways to improve their property values should consider artificial turf and landscape lighting first.  Of course, it may end up so nice that you never want to move.

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