Artificial Turf Is Superior To Grass

We live in southern California, well known all over the world as a place where nearly any plant can grow due to the fact that our temperatures rarely move outside of the ideal situations. We can grow the hardest to cultivate citrus trees here, and we can grow the most delicate flowers. With temperatures that almost never drop to freezing or go over 90 degrees, the situation is almost ideal. We say almost because the one thing lacking from this mix is water. While we might think there is no shortage of water because when we turn on the tap there is plenty, we have to actually think about this from the larger perspective of how much is necessary to grow plants and keep animals and humans alive vs how much falls from the skies. Yes, California is in a water shortage because we consume more than we get back, and without conservation efforts we run the risk of running short on the amount we have in reserve. This means that there could be a drop in available water levels to the point of when you turn on your tap nothing comes out, and this could result in the deaths of our residents. For this reason, we all must do our part to conserve.

What if we were to tell you that the best thing you can do to conserve water in southern California will also save you time and money? We are referring to the removal of your grass lawn and the replacement of it with artificial turf. The lawns that are so common in southern California because they create a green and beautiful space are actually the biggest waste of water that we have. Each square foot of grass consumes more than 0 gallons of water every year just to stay green, every ounce of that water potentially being used as drinking water for humans and animals. When there are shortages, we must consider that humans take priority over decorative plants, and as a result our lawn watering activities must be cut back. But what is interesting is that our lawns are also the source of enormous drains on our time and finances due to their upkeep.  You either have to mow the lawn, or pay someone to mow it. Neither one is beneficial to your household. This is why artificial turf makes so much sense in these times of drought. If your lawn is going to suffer and turn brown anyway, it makes sense to replace it with something that does not need water to look great, and something that saves you time and money as well. Getting rid of your grass will give you more free time to spend with your family, and more money as well.

Installing fake grass in southern California may be one of the most responsible things you do this year. It is good for the ecology and your home economy as well. It improves your home value and keeps you from being harmed by drought watering restrictions. Play it smart, install artificial turf today.

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