Artificial Turf In Southern California

Artificial Turf In Southern California

If you live in artificial turf country then you probably live in Southern California.  This is because the weather in areas like the Anaheim her perfect for growing almost any type of plants as long as you have an artificial water supply that can provide them with enough water to not dry out.  While this is not a problem most times, it is becoming more of an issue as the climate changes.  Over the course of the last couple of decades, the summers of in getting hotter and the winters of the getting colder, and in areas like Southern California where the temperatures are not that extreme, this would typically not be a problem.  Drought conditions have been happening more often over the course of the last few years, which results in the problem of they’re not being enough water service both the human population as well as the plant life exists outside of its natural environments.  In a nutshell, there’s a lot of water waste that happens every year in Southern California due to the fact that people have installed lawns that take an average of 50 gallons per square foot.  When the choice must be made between people having enough to drink and you water in your lawn, unfortunately your lawn must be sacrificed.  While a drought in Southern California used to be rare, unfortunately they’re becoming more regular.

One of the ways that people in areas like the Anaheim are fighting back against the drought is to install artificial turf where they once had living grass.  It has become so commonplace that artificial turf is now considered an upgrade over a living lawn do the fact that you do not have to pay for ongoing maintenance and landscaping, as well as being able to conserve precious resources that are necessary for our community at the same time.  Responsible people do not want to waste water on something that can easily be replicated with a product that does not need the same amounts of maintenance.  Artificial turf is a plastic product that is extruded through metal plates in order to form blades of grass.  These are adhered to a backing product that allows water to penetrate it without issue, ultimately resulting in a perfect lawn that does not change its look over time and does not grow.  This means that it does not need the ongoing training and mowing that live in lawns need, ultimately making it a maintenance free ground covering that provides all the same benefits as a living lawn does.  If you’re interested in conservation or just upgrading your home, it is a good idea to look into artificial turf in order to make the switch.  There are even rebates and programs that may defer the cost of installation because you are participating in water saving programs that benefit the community.
About The Company

Coastal Greenscapes is a full service landscaping company that is environmentally conscious and believe in long term, sustainable solutions for Orange County and Anaheim. They install landscaping locally for Southern California, and also are a supplier of synthetic or artificial turf products nationwide.

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