Artificial Turf In Anaheim

Artificial Turf In Anaheim

Many people in Anaheim are interested in conserving water and been responsible citizens with regards to wasting precious natural resources.  Even though it looks green and lush, Anaheim is actually more of the desert type of climate then you would expect.  The main reason that it looks so green and full of plants is due to human interaction in a way that changes the natural landscape into something that can only be sustained through artificial watering systems.  The weather in Anaheim is perfect for growing just about any type of plant, but there is not enough natural rain to produce thick and green grasses like you see in so many homes.  This carpet of thick grass is produced by seeding the area and then watering it continually with sprinkler systems.  While there’s nothing wrong with attempting to recreate your environment in a way that makes you happy, you must understand that your impact on the environment can be negative if it is not done in the correct way.  Even though you may be able to afford the water that will keep your grass green, it isn’t necessarily the best idea to waste water in an area that needs it.  Southern California and other areas on the West Coast have experienced severe drought periods over the course of the last few years.  When this happens, water conservation efforts must take place in order to make sure that nobody goes without the crucial water that is necessary for them to stay alive.  This means that you must make the sacrifice to not waste water on your lawn.

This is probably the reason that so many people in Southern California to have started switching over to artificial turf.  In Anaheim artificial turf is becoming one of the most sought after ground coverings to have, simply due to the fact that it is usable for families to play on and spend time with, as well as conserving water at the same time.  Many people do not realize that every single square foot of grass will consume upwards of 50 gallons of water every year.  Every single one of these gallons could be used for the public water supply that goes towards our drinking water, and instead it is being wasted into the ground simply to keep living grass alive.  Artificial turf looks and feels exactly the same as living grass except without the need for water.  Because it is a synthetic plastic product, it never grows or changes the way it looks over time.  This means that when the watering restrictions happen due to drought conditions in Southern California, and you watch your neighbors’ lawns die, yours will remain green and lush looking due to the fact that it is not a living plant.
About The Company

Coastal Greenscapes is a full service landscaping company that is environmentally conscious and believe in long term, sustainable solutions for Orange County and Anaheim. They install landscaping locally for Southern California, and also are a supplier of synthetic or artificial turf products nationwide.

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