Does Artificial Turf Hold Up In Southern California?

Does Artificial Turf Hold Up In Southern California?

When people are considering a dramatic change to their landscaping of their back yard or the front of their house, they will generally be weighing the pros vs cons about what the new change will bring.  When it comes to the removal of your existing grass or other groundcovering and the replacement with artificial turf, there are usually far more positive aspects than negative.  With regards to the things that people would consider positive, the most obvious is the fact that you will no longer have to care for it the way you do with your current grass.  You will no longer have to mow it on the weekends, or pay landscapers to come over and mow it for you.  As many home owners get more tired of continually working to maintain the looks of their yard space, either you end up having to pay someone to do it for you or it quickly becomes less than desirable looking.  Artificial turf removes all the necessity to have upkeep done, because it is not a living and growing plant.  You will be keeping it up the same amount as you would keep up a sidewalk or pavers, periodically hosing it down to remove any dirt or debris, and that is about it.  The other main factor that is considered positive is the fact that you will no longer need to water your lawn regularly.  Since it is not a plant it will not need water for nourishment in order to stay green, which will ultimately save you money every month on water usage.  Since there is currently a drought situation happening in  Southern California, you will be helping to conserve precious water for drinking, and helping to protect the environment.

The main issue that most people are concerned with when it comes to artificial turf is what it will look like over time.  When you see a new installation of synthetic grass, you are aware that artificial turf is much more realistic than it used to be.  Because modern installation techniques will add fillers under the turf, the feel is no longer the feeling of walking on cement with a carpet over it, as it used to be.  These improvements to the product itself and the installation make almost a prefect simulation of real grass.  The main concern that people have ins’t what the turf will look like when it is installed, but what it will look like over time.  People do not have the ability to visualize how it will age, and many have the concern that it will fade over time in our California sun.  We can assure you that this will not be an issue, and you will not notice any discoloration over time even in the sunniest areas of your yard.  You also will not notice any texture changes or melting even in the hottest sun.  The product is engineered to hold up to the harshest climate over time, and there is no need to  be concerned that your installation will have any issues for many years.  We will go as far as to guarantee our work, and if there is any issue with fading or aging, we will correct it free of charge.

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