Does Artificial Turf Fade Over Time?

When people are considering making the switch from grass to artificial turf, one of the main concerns is how the turf will look years from now.  When they are touching and seeing the artificial turf samples that are either in a showroom or being presented by a salesman, they have nothing but faith that the grass will look great on the day it is installed because it is new, but it is difficult for people to picture what it will look like over time as it ages.  Most people who live in climates like Southern California that are sunny for most of the year are used to having to replace outdoor items more often than in other areas, because the relentless sun will fade, discolor and ultimately break down things like outdoor furniture and car paint.  While it is certainly the case that any product is going to look its best on its first few days of wear, but we can assure you that your artificial turf is engineered to take all of the abuse that the sun and weather can dish out and continue to look great for many years to come.

Synthetic turf products have come a long way since they were first popularized in the seventies.  There was little as far as scientific development of the product back then, and just like the synthetic grass did not really look like real grass, it also aged poorly when exposed to sun and rain.  The seams came apart and the turf itself stretched over time because the backing materials were not as weather resistant as they are today.  They also had difficulties with pooling water, as the backings were not as water permeable as they are today.  Pooling water sitting in the same spots over time aged the grass poorly.    The artificial turf products that are made today are designed from plastic materials that are far more resistant to wear than the old products, and will keep their shape for a far longer time.  Because the installations now use weed barriers and filling material to aid in cushioning and drainage, the pooling problems are a thing of the past, and the turf actually feels like real grass when you are walking on it now.  In addition to these things, the backing materials are improved to no longer stretch and come apart at the seams the way they sued to.  All of these technological improvements over time have resulted in the ability for artificial turf installation companies like our to guarantee our products against fading, wear, melting or any discoloration over the years.  We will go as far as to correct any issues that you might have, although there are very few cases where the discussion has ever had to come up.  The products that we use and the installation techniques that we employ are very advanced, and as a result we can say without hesitation that you will see no major wear or discoloration over time that will make you less than satisfied.

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