Artificial Turf For Dog Areas

Homes on southern California are generally built with the idea that the people living there will enjoy a lifestyle that involves both indoor and outdoor activities.  Homes in other parts of the United States are constructed more for indoor activities, while California homes are designed to cater to more leisure time that is within the yard space than in other places.  This is obviously due to the weather, and the fact that you are able to spend time outside comfortably for far more of a percentage of the year than elsewhere.  With that in mind, people looking for homes in the area are also looking for the ways that their home can cater to this lifestyle, and the installation of things like putting greens, play areas and dog runs appeals to buyers.  Dog runs are an area that is specifically set up for animals to be able to be confined to a specific place without being tethered by a leash.  They allow dogs to spend more time outside than if they had to be continually supervised, and even though the yard itself can be secured to not allow for dogs to escape, many people feel more comfortable keeping their dogs confined to an area that is specifically for them, so as to avoid the potential dangers or damage that an unsupervised dog can do to their yard.  Allowing your dog to have their own area of the yard to lounge and play is not a unique concept to southern California, but it does factor into the outdoor lifestyle that many residents desire.

A dog run does not have to be an ugly area that is just dirt surrounded by a fence.  Of course, because the dog is going to go to the bathroom in this area the owners are going to want to make sure that it is easy to clean up, and this idea will effect how much they put into it and what kinds of ground cover they would choose.  Your dog enjoys sleeping and walking on soft materials, which is why dogs enjoy laying in grass so much.  However, any homeowner who has ever confined a dog into an area with grass will soon realize that it is nearly impossible to keep that grass alive.  Between the urine which burns brown spots into the grass during the summer to the digging that many dogs do, the grass will generally die off quickly in a dog run and leave you with either dirt or dead grass which is uncomfortable your your pet.  The answer is artificial turf or synthetic grass, which will ultimately look and feel like real grass to your pet, but which will also provide for easy cleanup of waste and will keep the area looking good.  Modern synthetic grass does not discolor the way it used to, and will generally not have the urine odor issues that fake grass used to have.  This is because the new products are constructed in a way that allows for the pass through of urine so that it does not pool and smell, as well as being tough enough to handle the physical activities of your dog.  Contact us today to find out more about synthetic grass dog runs and play areas.

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