Artificial Grass in Southern California: Drought Resistant and Beautiful

The smell of fresh cut grass is so refreshing, unless you’re the one mowing it. Many hours and a lot of sweat goes into keeping your lawn looking appealing year round. For those that truly care about the appearance of their lawn, they know all too well about mowing, edging, trimming, fertilizing, and watering it.

The monotony and effort that goes into the routine often leads homeowners to abandon the upkeep. The grass gets overgrown, the sidewalk and patio start to become hidden, and the green turns to yellow.

For Southern California residents, there is a solution: artificial grass. This low-maintenance alternative provides a number of benefits other than the obvious lack of need for a mowing. One of the main benefits, and most relatable at this time, is its drought resistant properties.

Drought Resistant

Other than not needing to mow your turf, another benefit is its resistance to droughts. With California facing one of its most severe droughts in history, there is a good chance your lawn suffered.

The installation if artificial grass removes the need for regular precipitation. Artificial grass is drought resistant simply because it does not need water to thrive. It remains a lush green all year round despite the annual rainfall, or lack thereof.

This also helps you keep your water bill down. You don’t need to waste valuable H2O on your lawn and instead can use it for the things that matter such as hydration and washing.

Always Beautiful

Artificial grass’ drought-resistant properties are what also make it beautiful year round. Residents attempting to maintain natural grass during this drought will know the painstaking efforts needed to keep it growing and green. Even Southern California residents who have watered their grass regularly might notice yellow patches due to uneven watering or overexposure to sunlight.

Artificial grass doesn’t need the water or the sun to remain a lush, beautiful green. The effort needed to maintain a beautifully looking artificial lawn is vastly less than the effort needed to maintain a natural lawn in less than ideal environmental conditions.

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