Artificial Grass Orange County

One of the best aspects of life in Orange County is the pride in their area that most residents take.  OC isn’t the kind of place that people let get run down and ugly, and instead is mostly made up of residents who go out of their way to keep their homes and property looking perfect.  This is probably why there are so many landscapers and landscaping services in the area, because people want their yards to look good but do not want to spend the hours and hours it would take every month to mow, trim and perform the maintenance necessary to keep everything in good shape.  Luckily, there is another option as well, that will allow you to have a perfectly manicured lawn all the time, and without the work.  Remove your existing grass and replace it with artificial grass.

Orange County is known for it’s lush and green lawns, because we have perfect weather here and it rarely gets so hot that our grass would dry out.  In the last few years, however, there have begun to be some issues as drought conditions have made it so that you can’t legally water your lawn enough to keep it healthy.  For that reason alone, a lot of residents switched over to artificial turf but the fact that it is maintenance free is why most people choose to make the switch.  When they have made the decision to change their landscaping from the existing plants to a more water smart solution that will stay looking great without constant trimming, people can choose to either go with the desert landscaping that you see in hotter places or go with the green look of synthetic grass.  Desert landscaping is great but will tend to look a little out of place in OC, which is traditionally more green.  If it is well installed, most people are going to have difficulty even knowing that the grass isn’t real.

The addition of accent elements like LED landscape lighting is another great way to beautify your space without adding to your monthly workload.  Accent pieces like stone walls and pavers can draw attention to specific areas of the yard, and when you bring it all together with accent lighting is will really pop.  Lightning along pathways and up lightning under trees or against portions of your home make it look even better at night time than it does during the day.  Firepits, barbeques and other functionality items make people want to actually use the spaces in your yard instead of just looking at it.

If you want to add functionality to your yard while reducing costs and work, and at the same time be good to the community for conserving water during the drought, consider having a landscape makeover using artificial grass, some desert landscaping elements, LED lighting and other pieces.  You will improve your property values because everyone loves a good looking yard but nobody wants that beauty to also add work to your weekends.  Contact us today.

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