Artificial Grass In Orange County

Artificial grass is commonly known as “fake grass” or “artificial turf.” It is essentially a product that consists of pieces of plastic that are melted and extruded through metal plates containing holes, which form strands that are the shape of a blade of grass.  These strands are colored varying shades of green and are cut to different lengths as well as being adhered to backing materials in different densities in order to simulate the different types of grass that exist.  Depending on the wants and needs of the customer, these different products can each be installed into a space that has been cleared and prepared, simulating a lush and thick green yard of grass that will have the look and feel of living plants.  This product will need no water or additional care of any kind in order to maintain the lush and green look that it has on the day it is installed, making it a perfect ground covering for people who desire the look of grass but do not want to continually care for their lawns.  Because Orange County is well known for ideal weather consisting of enough sun and warmth to grow nearly any plant or flower year round, a question of “why would anyone want artificial grass in Orange County” is common.

There are a few answers to this question, generally involving watering.  The main reason that so many people in the Orange County area are removing their existing sod and replacing it with artificial grass products is that it does not need to be watered.  Although Orange County is well known for being perfect weather to grow grass, there is still not enough natural rainfall for it to grow in it’s own.  Each and every person with a lawn in the area either has a sprinkler system of some kind that will automatically water the grass, or they will physically go outside with a hose every few days and spray water on the lawn.  This water is critical for the survival of the grass, and unfortunately over the last few years water is becoming scarce.  California is in a severe drought situation, and as a result you are not allowed to water your lawn enough to keep it green in the summers.  Even if you have enough money to afford the watering bills, community restrictions forbid you from watering your grass enough to keep it healthy, as this water is now reserved for human drinking until the drought conditions alleviate.  Even if we do get enough water to come out from under the drought restrictions, there is o guarantee that we will not go right back into the condition next year.  For this reason, many people in Orange County are choosing to invest their money into a product with more of a guaranteed future than grass, that product being artificial turf.  If you want the look and feel of grass but cannot afford to replace it every year if the drought continues, contact us immediately to remove your existing sod and replace it with fake grass now.

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