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Artificial Grass In Orange County

Orange County is known for its perfect climate.  When people purchase property in the area, they are doing so partially due to the great environment and people, and partially because of the weather.  In a climate like the one found in Orange County, we can grow nearly any kind of plant and flower quite easily, and as a result our landscaping is generally lush and filled with beautiful plants.  Since it is quite easy to keep plants healthy in this type of climate, why would someone choose to install artificial grass instead of growing a real lawn? The answer is easier than you think to understand, and will generally fall into two different answers depending on the priorities of the homeowner who has installed the artificial turf.

The main reason that people typically install artificial grass in Orange County is the fact that it is easy to maintain.  As a matter of fact, an artificial turf installation typically needs almost no maintenance whatsoever.  Every now and again you might need to hose it off or use a leaf blower to remove any debris that has blown onto it and settled, but since it is a synthetic product there is no real ongoing maintenance that is necessary over time.  It is not living grass, so it is not going to grow and need to be trimmed of mowed.  It is not going to spread or become discolored, and it is not going to need to be watered.  People who do not have an automatic sprinkler system installed in their yard that will cover every inch of grass are going to need to go out nearly every day with a hose and spend their time watering their lawn just to keep it alive.  People who choose artificial turf do not need to spend their time watering, and instead can simply enjoy their lawn in the ways that they desire.

The second reason that many people are choosing to install artificial turf in Orange County is that there has been a drought going on for the last few years.  A significant shortage of water from rainfall has made it so that reservoirs that feed out water drinking supply have begun to fall short of the necessary amounts to insure that our residents have clean drinking water.  As a result, there have begun to be watering restrictions imposed upon residents as to when they can water and for how long.  For this reason, many people who invested thousands of dollars into their grass lawns over the years are beginning to see them turn brown and die in the heat of summer.  Legally you cannot water your lawn enough to keep it from drying out, and you either face losing your green lawn or fines from the county.  In an attempt to save their green lawns, as well as for a concern about the environment and well being of our citizens, people are removing their grass and replacing it with synthetic turf.  No matter what the reason is, each square foot of grass that is removed will save almost 55 gallons of water a year, and that is good for everyone.

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