Artificial Grass Orange County

Orange County is an environment where the climate influences not only the way that people live, but also the way that they decorate their homes and yards.  The weather here is essentially prefect for most of the year, with temperatures rarely going above 85 degrees and rarely going below 70.  In addition to the consistently warm weather we also get enough rain to facilitate the growth of many kinds of flowers, grasses and fruit trees.  The one drawback is that they will not naturally thrive here, and will generally need some form of additional watering system in order to stay healthy.  While this would typically not be an issue at all, and it is completely common for people to landscape their yards with plants that are not exactly natural to the environment, in times of water crisis this can become an issue.  Most notable would be lush yards of grass, where the only way that they will stay green and thick is with watering nearly every day.

A typical yard in Orange County needs a lot of water in order to thrive.  As a matter of fact a single square foot of lawn will need about 50 gallons of water each year in order to stay green.  When you drive through neighborhoods in Orange County and see house after house of manicured lawns, you suddenly realize just how much water is used every year just to keep our landscaping healthy.  If there were an unlimited supply of water there would be no problem, but unfortunately we are in a drought situation today.  We are not consistently receiving enough rainfall to replenish our reservoirs, and as a result we must ration water by cutting back on unnecessary waste. This means that you are going to only be able to water your lawn during specific times and for specific timeframes, which is probably going to cause your lawn to significantly dry out if not die all together.  For the sake of the community and for the beauty of your landscape, it is time to install artificial grass.

Artificial grass (also known as astro turf and synthetic grass) is a plastic product that simulates the look and feel of real grass.  It is installed over cleared spaces by staking it to the ground which has been prepared through leveling and a compacted fill that is evenly spread.  By staking it securely to the ground, it maintains the exact look and feel of real grass, while never needing any watering or upkeep in order to keep it looking healthy.  Through it’s use in Orange County, you can be a good steward of the environment and still save money every year on both the water that it would take to keep it alive as well as the maintenance that it would take to keep it trimmed and looking good.  Artificial grass is becoming more popular in climates that are like Orange County, where real grass can grow but where people want to leave less of a footprint on the climate.  Helping to save water is one way to do it.


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