Does Artificial Grass Need Water?

Coastal Greenscapes is an expert on the topic of “low to no water” landscaping, and we accomplish our customer’s goals of creating a space that is both beautiful and water efficient by combining xeriscaping elements, landscape rock and lightning, and artificial turf.  Depending on what kind of look the customer wants, we can use these elements to create a space that will not only suit their needs but also their desires.  In most cases this means creating the most beautiful and natural looking yard that is possible while still keeping the customer within the watering restrictions that are imposed on Southern California by our local government.  We are in a drought situation, and even though many people are unhappy about the fact that this means watering restrictions that will make the typical green lawn die within one summer, we all must do our part to conserve water just to be good neighbors.  This means that if you absolutely must have that green lawn, the best way to do it is to install synthetic grass.

The watering restrictions that are in place in Orange County affect everyone, and there is almost no chance that you will keep within the watering restrictions imposed and still keep your lawn green.  The government does not WANT to kill your grass and ruin your investment, but realizes that if we do not restrict the water usage for such things as irrigation of landscaping then there is no way that we will conserve water.  When it is not being replenished at the levels we need it to, we have to cut back.  The government does offer many incentives and rebates to those who choose to remove their “water loving” landscaping plants and features in favor of landscaping that uses little to no water, which can help defer the costs associated with these changes.  The biggest benefit will be the money that is saved on your water bills, as well as the fines that are avoided if you are caught breaking the law to keep your grass alive.  On top of this is the knowledge that you are “doing your part.”

Does artificial turf need water? In a nutshell the answer is no, synthetic grass lawns do not need watering in order to remain good looking.  The only time that you may have to provide a light mist of water from a hose is if it is very hot outside and you plan on spending time on your synthetic grass.  One thing that many who have fake grass installed realize is that it does not disperse heat the same way that natural grass does, causing heat from the sunshine to become trapped within the materials that are underneath they synthetic grass layer.  This will cause your synthetic lawn to remain about 10 degrees hotter than your natural lawn used to be, and on extremely hot days can get uncomfortable.  A quick mist of water from a hose will quickly reduce the temperature to a natural level, and this is the only time you should need to use water on your new synthetic lawn.

If we go as far as to replace all landscape plants on your property with desert landscaping elements, you should be able to completely shut off your irrigation system.  This will conserve water, save you money and also reduce maintenance costs associated with landscaping.  If you hate doing yard work and are a friend of the environment, “low to no water” landscaping is the way to go.

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