An Artificial Lawn In Orange County

Orange County has long been known for it’s lush landscaping, mostly due to the fact that the weather is so mild that you can grow almost anything here. Even plants that are typically only seen in tropical locations can grow here without being killed off by winter cold, and the only aspect that is generally lacking is the water necessary. You can have enough sun to keep green plants healthy, but without the water you are going to not see them grow naturally. Southern California is actually more of a desert than many realize, due to the fact that residents have so changed the landscape over the years. People have imported so many plants that would typically not be seen here that after a while people forget what is natural to the area. Unfortunately, times do come when we are forced to allow a more natural state to happen, and very quickly the landscape reverts to the way that it would normally look. These drought times put mandatory water restrictions in place in order to conserve water for drinking, and ultimately that means that you cannot use the water for your lawn and landscaping. Very quickly, your lawn dies and your beautiful plants dry up. It is times like these that make you realize that perhaps the ability to grow these plants here under artificial watering circumstances should not be something that we actually do. Perhaps just because we can do it does not mean that we should do it.

But what if you really like the look of that green lawn, even though it is not legal to water it enough to keep it green? What is you just really like the feel of grass beneath your feet? For these people we suggest artificial turf, and other forms of synthetic grass. These types of lawns are essentially green plastic that is pushed through holes in plates in order to form what looks like a blade of grass. That blade is then adhered to a backing material in order to form what looks exactly like sod, only it is not alive and does not need water to maintain it’s look and feel. This “carpet of grass” is then staked securely to prepared surfaces in a way that does not allow it to slip, and usually over a material of compacted rubber which will make a cushion. When installed in this way, it will not only appear like lush and green grass, it will usually look far better than a real grass lawn. For those people who prefer the grass look, this is not only a solution but an improvement. You will conserve water and save money while also improving the look of your home, and never needing to maintain it in any way. You will never spend another dollar on landscaping, and will never have to spend a weekend mowing your lawn. Artificial turf is truly the best thing for Orange County, so when you are ready to take that step call us first.

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