Adding Curb Appeal Without Adding Significant Cost

Adding Curb Appeal Without Adding Significant Cost

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Home improvement can pose significant challenges for those and do not have a lot of money saved.  If you are considering selling your home, you may have been advised by the real estate agents that do in a few home improvement projects we’ll bring higher potential sales, or at least we’ll make it more appealing to a new generation of buyers so as to be able to compete for sales.  This will mean that you need to figure out ways to not only invest money wisely but also to allocate that money towards projects that have the most bang for the buck.  Doing something like adding a new kitchen or bathroom or remodeling the existing spaces can easily cost upwards of $50,000, and this is an expense that many people are going to find difficult to swallow.  Hoping that you will be able to add that much to the sales price in order to recoup your investment is going to make for some tense nights until a buyer is found, which means that home improvement projects cost no more amounts and still provide a significant visual appeal are going to be more appropriate.  Updating your lawn to a more modern version that younger buyers are looking for is a way to accomplish that goal.

It may be shocking to some older people who are considering downsizing their home that younger generations of buyers who are now the ones making up the majority of the market do not think of things the same way that we did in the past.  Curb appeal 10 and 20 years ago was based upon a lush and green grass lawn surrounded by well-kept trees and manicured plants.  This gave the appearance of any homeowner who cared about their home and was willing to invest either their time wore their money into its upkeep.  Today, young people view this type of landscaping as wasteful and updated.  The younger generation believes that they would much rather spend their weekends enjoying their own as opposed to working on it, and this difference in opinion means that trying to sell a home base it on the previous generations ideals is going to make it more difficult to sell to the next generation.  You need to update your home by removing the things that this next generation will view as being both wasteful and time consuming.  A grass lawn takes upwards of 50 gallons of water every year per square foot just to stay alive, and the simple replacement of that green grass with green artificial turf gives the same look and feel without the wastefulness.  It also removes the amount of work that will be necessary for the homeowner in order to keep it looking good, as artificial turf does not need ongoing mowing or landscaping to maintain its curb appeal.  Through the replacement of your outdated landscaping with water smart landscaping, you can add curb appeal to your home when preparing it for sale without investing a huge amount of money to do it.

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